The Science Behind Everpure Life

Since its infancy in 1973, when the company was formed, India Gelatine & Chemicals Ltd. (IGCL) has been a leader in supplying world-class gelatine around the world. IGCL’s superior product line is fit for consumption in halal and international markets, which has paved a way for export to USA, the EU, Japan, Korea, Middle eastern countries and Indonesia, amongst others. 

In 2019, IGCL inaugurated Everpure Life marine collagen,  their first D2C venture. Having built a pristine reputation amongst gelatine and collagen manufacturers around the world, it was nearly seamless for Everpure Life under IGCL to bring the best quality, scientifically backed and sustainably sourced marine collagen to India. 


Our Collagen Peptide Process


To lower the M.W which can be absorbed into the body

Ultra-heat treatment


The Results

  • Participants saw a significant decrease in peoribital skin wrinkles measured by PRIMOS (Phase-shift Rapid in Vivo Measurement of Skin) in the form of crow’s feet around the eyes at the end of the study 
  • After the 12 week study for Everpure Life, not only was a visible decline in the wrinkle grade observed, but also an improvement of objective wrinkle reduction which has not been found in other studies
  • Moreover, it was measured that certain mechanical properties of the skin, such as elasticity and roughness also improved in the study period, which has also been noticed in several other studies
  • Participants reported increased skin hydration levels at the end of the 12 week period of the study
  • In addition to this, participants also reported a major decrease in Trandsepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) levels after the 12 week mark, proving that Everpure Life marine collagen helps retain moisture within the skin and prevent water loss
  • Overall, participants reported better and improved skin conditions due to better absorbability of marine collagen. This can be correlated to Everpure Life’s low molecular weight which allows for bioavailability such that the body is able to absorb the collagen effectively as opposed to collagen with higher molecular weight which decomposes in the stomach quickly and does not reach the skin.