About Us

Learn the roots of the brand that stands before your today

Back to the beginning

Sustainably sourced from the deep seas of Korea, Everpure Life brings to you a collagen which is uncompromised in quality, flavor and purity. Manufactured at a state of the art facility, top notch machinery, the highest safety and cleanliness standards and the latest and best processes of manufacture, our collagen aims to provide the full benefits that can be derived from consuming the recommended dose of 10g/day. 


Our Story

Stemming from their keen interest and passion for eating well to support one’s body, Shefali Mirani and Niyati Mirani have always promoted wellness within their own home. Both mother and daughter together, are ardent believers of a wholesome diet, supplemented with the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need along with a fool proof skincare routine. Having dealt with severe issues with their skin in the past, it was only apt for them to take a second glance at how our diets deeply impact how we look and more importantly how we FEEL. 

The benefits

A Noticeable Change

Their journey with collagen began years ago when it was a concept completely unheard of in India. Having consumed collagen daily for years, they witnessed to a multitude of the benefits that it has to offer such as

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Prevention of hairfall and acne

Better digestive and gut health

Faster recovery of muscles and joints

Improved bone health & density

After personally experiencing quick and efficient results from collagen, Everpure Life was born.


World-Class Products

Everpure Life is the first and largest importer of marine collagen from Korea. Everpure Life’s marine collagen is sustainably sourced hydrolyzed marine collagen from Carp and Tilapia fish. With each scoop, you get 10g of pure marine collagen free of sugar, flavouring and other additives which act against the benefits of collagen and are actually harmful for the body in the long run. Sugars, amongst other factors such as smoking, stress and ageing in general, break down the collagen bonds in our body, therefore all Everpure Life products are completely free of it and its variants.